Farmville 2 Donkey Derby Starting Gate Preview

Join another exhilarating race of donkey in Farmville 2 newest feature the Donkey Derby Starting Gate. Walter is inviting us to join the event as he would love us to build the Starting Gate in our farm. We will then need a couple of adult donkeys to start a race. Beside the fun of watching your donkey race, you will have a chance to win coins if you guessed the winning donkey right. There’s also a bonus reward of a Baby Camargue Cow. This post will show how the Donkey Derby Starting Gate will look and the parts it will need to build it.

Donkey Derby Staring Gate


Donkey Race


Place the Donkey Derby Starting Gate

First we will need to place the Derby Starting Gate.


Collect the materials for the Starting Gate

We will need to click on the Starting Gate to view the materials we will need to finish it.


Completed Donkey Derby Starting Gate

Once we collected enough parts we will now have a completed Donkey Derby Starting Gate. We will need some adult donkeys before we can race.


The idea of this feature is to guess which donkey will win first. In case you  guessed correctly you will win coins prizes depending on which place your picked donkey finished. If you race 5 times you will received a Baby Camargue Cow.

Baby Camargue Cow


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