Farmville 2 Duck Habitat

The Farmville 2 Duck Habitat will be released alongside with the Farmville 2 Quests and it will have a mini tasks on which it will give a rare Wood Duck as a reward. The Duck Habitat will need 3 parts and each parts will need a total of 10.



Help the wood duckling on your farm swim to unlock this duck by completing the following tasks:


Build a Duck Habitat Duck Habitat! You can place it on water once it’s complete!

Collect 3 Duck Training ManualsĀ Duck Training Manual by completing quests for Walter. <– Complete 3 stages in Farmville 2 One Inspiration Quests

Craft 5 Fancy Duck Decoys Fancy Duck Decoys.

Fancy Duck Decoys


Wood Duck

Wood Duckling

will turn in to this form:

Adult Wood DuckPrized Wood Duck



Parts to collect to finish building the Duck Habitat:

Down Feather x10



Twig x10



Cattail x10


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One thought on “Farmville 2 Duck Habitat

  1. Ducky, you’re the one. my ducks don’t register in the game. I must be doing something wrong because the other things register.

    I have tried a duck from the feather watch, and then two white ducks from the general store and none of them register.

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