Farmville 2 Duck Nursery Guide and Preview

Coming this week in Farmville 2 a Duck Nursery building! Place a duckling in your Duck Nursery! and raise it from the 3 trainings and reap the bonus it gives. There will be 3 training type to choose from Fertilizer Training, Feather Growth Training and Hearty Training. They all give bonuses.

Farmville 2 Duck Nursery

Duck Nursery

Collect the necessary parts to complete the Duck Nursery.


Farmville 2 Duck Nursery

After collecting the parts you can now start building and you will have a completed Duck Nursery.

Clicking on it will give you the following option:

Choosing the Duck

You may choose which duckling you will be training.

  • Baby Swedish Duck or Baby Mallard Duck which you can buy with Farm Bucks
  • Select a Duckling from the market where you can buy with coins
  • or select a baby from inventory


Choose the Training Path


Fertilizer Training:


Make 2 Fancy Duck Treats for your duckling’s healthy digestive system!

Make 1 Cornbread to feed your duckling an extra snack!

Make 2 Bags of Vegetables, it provides all the extra nutrients ducklings need!


Feather Growth Training:


Make 2 Glossy Duck Treat to make your duckling’s feathers shine!

Make 1 Pie Crust for a treat for your duckling!

Make 2 Glass Good Luck Charm so that your duckling can admire itself!


Hearty Appetite Training:


Make 2 Healthy Duck Treat for your duckling’s healthy digestive system!

Make 1 Apple Scone for your duckling’s daily snack!

Make 2 Oat Cookie for your duckling’s second breakfast!




Posh Personality Training:


Make 2 Posh Rubber Ducky for playtime with your special duckling!

Make 1 Duck Brush to keep your duckling’s feathers shining!

Make 2 Hand Mirror for your duckling to appreciate itself!


Sporty Personality Training:


Make 2 Sporty Rubber Ducky for playtime with your special duck!

Make 2 Duck Training Hoop to lean up those wing muscles!

Make 2 Olive Oil to make your duck as aerodynamic as possible!


Scary Personality Training:


Make 2 Scary Rubber Ducky so that your duckling can play by itself.

Make 2 Duck Warning Sign to warn everyone of your grumpy duckling!

Make 3 Duck Tag so that you can always identify scary ducks!




Duck Name Training:


Teach (your chosen name) their name while playing with 2 Duck Training Manual.

Make 3 Plush Duck Toy for (your chosen name), a special treat for learning all these new skills!

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