Farmville 2 Egg Hunt Table Preview and Guide

Coming this Tuesday in Farmville 2, a new feature the Egg Hunt Table. Build the Egg Hunt Table and feed rabbits for a chance to get surprise egg. The adult rabbits you have the better chance of getting a surprise. You may also craft the surprise egg bat the Workshop. The beside the Spring Goodies Rewards you can also receive a Special Chicken that lays red egg.

Farmville 2 Egg Hunt Table

Egg Hunt Table Preview

Egg Hunt Table Preview


Farmville 2 Egg Hunt Table

Place the Egg Hunt Table in your farm.


Egg Hunt Table Materials

Click on it and you can view the materials it will need to build it. Among the items are:

  • Bunny Garlands
  • Jelly Bean Jars
  • Decorating Posts

You will then need to collect these materials by either posting it to you wall and or ask friends for the materials.


Once you collected enough materials you can now finish building the Egg Hunt Table:

Egg Hunt Table

You’ll need your friends help to build the Egg Hunt Table.


Once all the slot are filled you can now have the completed Egg Hunt Table and now you can crack open Surprise Eggs!

Farmville 2 Egg Hunt Table

Farmville 2 Egg Hunt Table


The Egg Hunt Table will need adult rabbits. Feeding Adult Rabbits will give you a chance to find Surprise Eggs! You can crack open Surprise Eggs at the Egg Hunt Table to find Springtime Goodies. The final reward is a special Chicken that lays Red Eggs.

Surprise Eggs

Surprise Eggs

You can also craft Surprise Egg and you will need the following items: Egg x8 and Spring Candy Bag x3. (Spring Candy Bags can be asked from friends).

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