Farmville 2 Election Buttons Recipe and Rewards

With the election is going closer in Farmville 2, there will be a feature where we need to collect Election Buttons. There are couple of ways to collect them. One of them is by harvesting crops. When this feature is implemented, everytime we harvest crops there will be a chance that we can get election buttons from it.

We can also craft election buttons. There are two type of election buttons that we can craft. One is the Two Election Button (which is equal to 2) and the Three Election Buttons (which is equal to 3).

We have the materials needed to craft election buttons listed below and also some of the rewards preview.

 Election Buttons

Election Button

Election Button – You can find these by harvesting crops there’s also a high chance of finding buttons in Crop Packets!  Gather Election Buttons and win exclusive rewards!


Two Election Button





Two Election Button – can only be crafted. You can asked your friends for the Patriotic Hobby Paint while use can use both Piece of Wood or Heirloom Piece of Wood.


Three Election Button

Three Election Button – can only be crafted. You can post to your feed to and let your friends clicked it to get Star Spangled Stickers.



Collect Election Buttons to win the following items:

Election Fireworks Crate

Election Fireworks Crate = 22 Election Buttons


Giant Election Pinwheel

Giant Election Pinwheel = 44 Election Buttons


A bundle of Water, Power, Fuel, and Fertilizer

A bundle of Water, Power, Fuel, and Fertilizer = 66 Election Buttons


Pacific Albus Poplar Tree

Pacific Albus Poplar Tree = 88 Election Buttons


Final Reward: Baby Berkshire Pig

Baby Berkshire Pig

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  1. Farmville II needs more opportunities for navigation and planning layout, for the layman such as myself. It needs to allow the common folk to learn about designing a pleasing picture for themselves. More opportunities for self expression.

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