Farmville 2 Equestrian Clipboard Feature

Farmville 2 Equestrian Clipboard will be a mini game feature once you build the Horse Stable. It will be release together and will give opportunity to players to win cool items in very easy way. Everytime a player feed a Prized Horse the player will receive a point. Points can be tracked in the Equestrian Clipboard and can also see how many points needed to win an item. Here are the picture of the prizes for this soon to be release feature:




"Giddyup" Fence

“Giddyup” Fence


"All Tied Up" Fence

“All Tied Up” Fence


"Belle of the Farm" Fence

“Belle of the Farm” Fence


"Lucky Day" Fence

“Lucky Day” Fence


Horseradish (unlock)

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  1. I am level 59 I completed the horse stable and never received my equestrian clipboard. I have emailed zynga several times and have yet to get a response… Im getting very frusterated

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