Farmville 2 Expansion 2017 (Aromatic Estates and Spice Gardens)

Farmville 2 and Zynga has just added a new expansion featuring the Aromatic Estates and Spice Gardens. These two new expansion will have 6 new lots each. You can expand to these new farms with new crops and animals that will be added when they open them. A new level cap has been implemented which will raise it to level 380. The maximum coins also will be raied with a maximum of 130,000,000 coins.


Here are the new expansion that just been made available in the game.

Spice Gardens

Lot 1: Cardamom Bushland

Cost: 119,000,000 coins


Lot 2: Starry-nice Lands

Cost: 120,000,000 coins


Lot 3: Cumin Hills

Cost: 121,000,000 coins


Lot 4: Tamarind Trails

Cost: Cost: 122,000,000 coins


Lot 5: Cloverine Cliff

Cost: 123,000,000 coins


Lot 6: Saffrony Harbor

Cost: 124,000,000 coins



Aromatic Estates Farm Lots

Lot 1: Charming Scent Dale

Cost: 125,000,000 coins


Lot 2: Perfume Gardens

Cost: 126,000,000 coins


Lot 3: Fragrant Lands

Cost: 127,000,000 coins


Lot 4: Musk Trails

Cost: 128,000,000 coins


Lot 5: Ambrosial Slopes

Cost: 129,000,000 coins


Lot 6: Muscadine Fields

Cost: 130,000,000 coins




MAX COINS CAP RAISED at 130,000,000 coins

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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Expansion 2017 (Aromatic Estates and Spice Gardens)

  1. what are the favor amounts needed now …are they going to be raised too..I have 5 lands waiting for ages and not enough favors for those now!

  2. I didn’t get the gourmet farm. Will I be getting these?

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