Farmville 2 Fair Fare Quests


Farmville 2 Fair Fare Quests players must be atleast level 24 to have this quest. This will be automatically unlock once the player reach this level. There are 6 mission to complete.

Farmville 2 Quest 1: The Prep Step

The County Fair is setting up just a piece down the road. Prep your farm for harvesting prized crops and making recipes to win awards with!

Collect 5 Cowbells to make your animals look pretty
Have 15 animals. They’re your Fertilizer producers
Feed animals 15 times to gather Fertilizer
50 xp, 1400 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 2: Heavy Veggies

The Farm is back, but now it’s time to get the recognition you deserve!

Plant 40 crops
Use Fertilizer on 15 crops
Harvest a Prized Crop for the County Fair
60 xp, 1400 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 3: Chicken Chicanery

We’ll be up against Marie’s prized animals at the County Fair this season. Get clicking on those cluckers!

Tend adult Chickens 10 times
Have 3 Prized Chickens
Tend Prized Chickens 3 times to show them off
70 xp, 1400 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 4: Regional Distribution

Pie-eating contests are not exactly what I would classify as a “good time.” Still, they are an excellent venue to get your wares in their faces, literally!

Collect 5 Canning Jars to contain all the preserves you’re about to make
Craft 10 Pie Crusts, we’ll need plenty
Have 5 Apple Trees. That fruit is gonna come in handy
80 xp, 1400 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 5: I Pie With My Little Eye

We will be working overtime to maximize pie production. So let’s get everything ready, shall we?

Have 7 Expansions. You’ll need the space
Harvest Apple Trees 5 times. Don’t sell those apples, either
Harvest 20 Strawberries. You’ll need them for the pies
100 xp, 1400 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 6: Get Rich or Pie Trying

This pie eating contest will finally give everyone at the fair a taste of your farm-fresh goods!

Collect 5 Pie Tins for the pies
Craft 10 Strawberry Pies. The girls are eating strawberry pies
Craft 10 Apple Pies. The boys are eating apple pies
100 xp, 1400 coins

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  1. My game is stuck. It will not complete the tending of the 3 prized chickens. It has 5 days now and it will not accept that I have done this, I cannot go further with this quest if I can’t get this part to accept I have done it How do I undo the glitch??

    • There is still a bug with Prized animal including Chickens not counting towards a quests. You can file a support ticket at Zynga and then just tell them about the bug.

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