Farmville 2 Fall Tournament Shack

Build the new Farmville 2 Fall Tournament Shack and start to compete with your friends or against other farmers for a chance to win the Top Prize at the Fishing Tournament. You will need your friends help to build this new Farmville 2 building. There’s plenty of exciting rewards that you can win. The Fall Tournament Shack is scheduled for release on Tuesday (October 16th)


Place the FALL TOURNAMENT SHACK in your farm.


Here’s a look at the following materials needed to build the FALL TOURNAMENT SHACK.


Collect the following materials for your FALL TOURNAMENT SHACK.

Clay Shingles


Fish Streamers


Pine Planks


Ask your friends for help to build the FALL FISHING TOURNAMENT.


Here’s a preview of a completed FALL FISHING TOURNAMENT SHACK.


LOOK! Different types of Ragworms, Groundbait and Trophies.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophy


Premium Groundbait, Special Groundbait and Basic Groundbait


King Ragworm, Mud Ragworm and Ragworm



Look at The REWARDS:

Tyrol Grey Mini Cow


Fever Tree


Fun With Fall Fences


Fun With Fall Fences


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