Farmville 2 Falling Leaves LE Recipe

Coming Soon in Farmville 2! Falling Leaves Limited Edition Recipes. These are the line up of the soon to be released Falling Leaves themed recipe that will be available for a period of time. These recipes will only be available in the Kitchen from Oct 28 to November 25.


Falling Leaves Recipe


Radicchio Flatbread = Radicchio x8, Flour x3

Radicchio Flatbread

Sell = 2650    XP = 18


Poached Packham Pear Pie = Pie Crust x1, Packham Pear x 6

Poached Packham Pear Pie

Sell = 4010


Radicchio and Pear Crostini = Radicchio x14, Packham Pear x8

Radicchio and Pear Crostini

Sell = 3640


Virginia Bird Cherry Jammer = Virginia Bird Cherry Jam x1, Flour x1

Virginia Bird Cherry Jammer

Sell = 4780


Virginia Bird Cherry Jam = Virginia Bird Cherry Juice x1, Sugar x5

Virginia Bird Cherry Jam

Sell = 2300     XP = 30


Grilled Radicchio Salad = Radicchio x10, Butter x1

Grilled Radicchio Salad

Sell = 2510     XP = 15


Virginia Bird Cherry Juice = Virginia Bird Cherry x10, Lemon Water x1

Virginia Bird Cherry Juice

Sell = 1430


Custard Creme Brulee = Egg x14, Sugar x5

Custard Creme Brulee

Sell = 2500    XP = 14


Pear Butter = Spicebush Berry x8, Packham Pear x8

Pear Butter

Sell = 3010


Pumpkin Soup = Pumpkin x12, Broth x1

Pumpkin Soup

Sell = 2470

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  1. just never worth it to me -to spend Farm bucks on trees, that the recipes for give mediocre XP & coins, and only last for 3 weeks. if we had endless supply of energy ok, but we dont. if your above level 40 then you’ve unlocked numerous regular recipes with much higher gains to use you energy for than any of the wkly limited ones

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