Farmville 2 Fertilizer Bin Upgrades

Farmville 2 is giving our current fertilizer bin a new look! Soon, Farmville 2 is releasing a new feature where we can upgrade our fertilizer bin into Farmville 2 Fertilizer Shed. The new Fertilizer Shed will hold more fertilizer that the current one we have. It can also upgraded up to 5 times using favors. Below is a preview of the new Fertilizer Shed.

fertilizer Bin Upgrades

Fertilizer Shed



Level 1 Fertilizer Shed

Level 1 Fertilizer Shed


Level 2 Fertilizer Shed

Level 2 Fertilizer Shed


Level 3 Fertilizer Shed

Level 3 Fertilizer Bin


Add your old Fertilizer Bin into the Fertilizer Shed for more room and capacity.

Fertilizer Shed



Here’s a comparison of the various stages of the Fertilizer Shed:

Fertilizer Shed

You can upgrade the fertilizer Shed using favors.


You can upgrade the Fertilizer Shed up to 5 times:



Once this feature is activated, you can access them at the “Upgrade tour farm” tab.

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Fertilizer Bin Upgrades

  1. I’m sure the fertilizer bin upgrades will be helpful if one has upper level animal barns-that is something we fill ourselves through feeding the animals. I ‘d rather use my favors & coins for expansion.

    Someone wrote that expanding the fuel tank would be preferred and I agree. I cannot make any progress in drying out my crops on 45 units a day, plus 18 x 4, if I am really paying attention.

    • plus you can use your helpers on hay thats 8 x 4 fuel another 32 and helpers come up every 7 hours so can catch them at least twice a day for a grand total of 64 fuel

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