Farmville 2 Fertilizer Plane Preview!

Fasten your seat belt and prepare for take off! as Fertilizer Planes are coming soon in Farmville 2. This new feature will be released soon as players will be receiving a broken fertilizer plane and their task is to fixed it. They will need to gather parts and will need builder in order to fix it. Once fixed, Fertilizer Planes can then take off and fertilize your field. More info and image below:


Farmvile 2 Fertilizer Planes



Players will need to fix the Broken Fertilizer Plane:

Unrepaired Fertilizer Plane


Fertilizer Plane


In order to fix the Fertilizer Plane we will need the following parts:

Fertilizer Plane



Gear Differentials

Gear Differentials


Aluminum Metal Plates

Aluminum Metal Plates



Fertilizer Plane



Completed Fertilizer Plane

Completed Ferilizer Plane


Once completed you can click on it to take off:


Sorry you will not ride the plane and then take off 🙂 but it will take off and fly over your farm (literally). Just like in the picture.

Farmville 2 Fertilizer Plane


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5 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Fertilizer Plane Preview!

  1. I am wondering when I might get the fertilizer plane. I sure would love to get one.

  2. Wish FV2 would just do away with the POST option for any parts of the quests. As far as I can see…it is usually useless. I don’t know WHERE they get “posted” but it might as well be on a distant planet for all the help it gives me. I usually only get those items in the right panel where friends share what they have.

    • from what I can tell having been playing soely on Zynga dot com since i started 7 months or so ago, is that certain posts like you water shares from visiting neighbors – only go to your neighbors feed, where request posts are seen by all you neighbors, but only a small percentage of the Community players. I figure if all our posts were seen by every player in the community feed, the feed would move so fast it would be nearly impossible to click on posts before they get “bumped off” Ive suggested a few times in the weekly developers surveys that -they need to lengthen the community feed -for it only shows half as many posts as out Neighbor/friends feed, and new players or ones that cant play 3 or more times a day -so take a little longer to complete the weekly events -struggle to get help because their posts drop-off the feed so quickly -and because of the limitations in our feed claims – a vast majority of players only click/help on stuff that they need -once again making it harder for players trying to catch up, or just starting out on things a majority of the players completed long ago.

  3. love the whole farmville 2 animal , people, river, and now the plane and sprinklers I can’t wait to get the big field for my cute animals. I just wish zygna would fix there problems I get cut off all the time, and have lost many times on my county fair I received the ribbon updates but my cut off keeps me from getting my coins this has happened many times, I could have used this to buy more land etc. but I keep playing hope you can fix this plz let me know!!!

    • I get cut off all the time when playing at…EXCEPT when I play in full screen mode. Try that if you haven’t already. Beyond that…I’m at as much of a loss as everyone else.

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