Farmville 2 Fine Wood Shavings Bug

A lot of players has been experiencing a bug concerning where to make the Farmville 2 Fine Wood Shavings. The Fine Wood Shavings is one of the requirement in the current feature the Needle in the Haystack. To create this, you will need a Wood Shaver.

If players can recall, there’s also a Fine Wood Shaving items during the release of the Farmville 2 Rooster Coop. That is why the game itself becomes confuse.

Players has been reporting this bug at the Zynga Farmville 2 players forum. And as of now,  it has been reported that it is already FIXED. If you ever encounter this bug, you can report it at Zynga or report it at Bug Reporting section of the forum HERE.


Items for the Fine Wood Shavings:

Wood Shaver


Fine Wood Shavings.

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