Farmville 2 Fishing Boat

Get ready to catch some fish in a new feature called Farmville 2 Fishing Boat. This maybe released soon and will be available for early access which means it will be rolled out slowly and will be previewed by players who will buy the early unlock pass. The feature will be about fixing and old fishing boat and once you finish the repair you can now use it to go fishing at the river. See our early preview of this feature including the boat itself.

Fishing Boat

Farmville 2 Fishing Boat

In Fishing Boat feature we will be fixing an old boat.

Old Fishing Boat


Once we finish collecting the materials and finish the repair we can now finally go fishing at the river. You can find the fishing boat at the dock. To start fishing you just simply click the fishing boat.

Farmville 2 Fishing Boat


Once you are inside the boat can see the status of your catch or record. Among the fish that can be caught are:

  • Catfish – 2500 coins
  • Trout – 3500 coins
  • Perch – 4000 coins
  • sunfish – 12000 coins
  • Bass – 15000 coins

Fishing Boat: List of Fish


If you have enough bait you can start casting you fishing line to start fishing. Click the “Cast” button to start fishing.

Fishing Boat: Fishing Ongoing


There are several ways to get bait for the Farmville 2 Fishing Boat feature:

  • From harvesting crop
  • Posting requests
  • Clicking on feed help
  • or purchase it with Farm bucks
  • There’s also a Golden Lure where you can only buy with Farm Bucks but fish catch is guaranteed.

Fishing Boat Baits

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