Farmville 2 Fletching Bench

It looks like the next we will be having is the Farmville 2 Fletching Bench and we have here information and pictures of this upcoming feature. The goal is to collect enough pheasant feathers to make and arrow for Gus. Now base on this, it seems that we will need to have several pheasant in our farm in order for this feature to work.

Currently there are no pheasant available at the Market. What we have is the pheasant from the last week feature. But there will be one available for coins next week which will be in the Buckwheat Bonanza release.

Farmville 2 Fletching Bench

Fletching Feather Feature

Fletching Bench Feature


Fletching Bench

Upon placing the Fletching Bench frame in your farm a cutscene will occur where Gus will visit your farm.


Gus in Fletching Bench

Gus will explain about this feature where he need some arrows that made from pheasant feathers. In exchange he will give you a Pied Emerald Spalding Peacock.


Fletching Bench Construction

After Gus explained the feature you will then have the chance to view the materials you need to collect in order to build the Fletching Bench. As we can see in the picture we will need Bullseye Targets x10, Fletching Glue x10 and Arrow Shafts x10.


A completed Fletching Bench

Once you have enough materials and help builders you can now finally complete the Fletching Bench.


The goal in the Fletching Bench feature is to collect feathers for your arrow. There will be 3 different types of feathers with different corresponding points or rarity and they are as follows:

Green Fletching

Green Fletching


Red Fletching

Red Fletching


Gold Fletching Feather

Gold Fletching

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