Farmville 2 Floral Wishing Well

Build a Design Workshop in your farm and design a Farmville 2 Floral Wishing Well. The Farmville 2 Floral Wishing Well is a new feature  in Farmville 2 which will be introduced this May. You will be required to build the Design Workshop  in order to activate the feature. You can win cool reward including your very own designed Floral Wishing Well. This feature will be released on Tuesday (May 22nd).

Place the Design workshop in your farm to start designing the Floral Wishing Well.


Here’s a look at the materials you will need in building the Flower Wishing Well.


Collect these parts by asking them from your friends.

Wishing Well Buckets


Rounded Hammers


Pebble Planters



Once you have all the materials, you will then ask your friends for help to build the Floral Wishing Well.



You can finally have a completed Floral Wishing Well.



Collect Design Points by completing the design tasks.

Design Points



These items will be asked from your friends:

  1. Stained Glass Shards
  2. Painted Pail
  3. Crystal Coin
  4. Marble Chips



RECIPES that are associated with the Floral Wishing Well.

  1. Hanging Marble Artwork
  2. Marble Pebble Mat
  3. Marble Lily Pond
  4. Terrarium Garden
  5. Beaded Marble Necklace
  6. Ornate Marble Bench
  7. Marble Birdhouse
  8. Marble Wind Chime
  9. Garden Border
  10. Zen Candle Holder
  11. Perched Bird Statue
  12. Outdoor Marble Sink
  13. Enchanted Crystal Charm
  14. Shimmering Roof Garland
  15. Wish Bucket
  16. Bamboo Bucket Seater
  17. Pair of Glass Garden Stakes
  18. Set of Scaled Stepping Stones



Some of the materials you’ll need for the Floral Wishing Well.

  1. Waterproof Grease
  2. Water pH Tester
  3. Sediment Filter
  4. Anti Algae Spray
  5. Honey Lozenge
  6. Sheet of Tracing Paper
  7. Rhyming Dictionary



Here’s a look at some of the REWARDS:

Ornas Birch Tree


Apricot Hedgehog


Flower Design Well


Flower Design Well


Images that are associated with the Flower Design Well.


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