Farmville 2 Folk Art Cow Sculpture Preview

Soon we will have a new feature building called the Farmville 2 Folk Art Cow Sculpture. It is one of the limited time building where we will be doing a certain tasks in order to receive a reward. For this feature we will be building the Folk Art Cow Sculpture. And once we meet all the requirements we will have the chance to receive a Miniature Zebu Cow. This guide will walk you through the process of building the Folk Art Sculpture.

Folk Art Cow Sculpture

Place and build the Folk Art Cow Sculpture by collecting the parts.

Folk Art Cow Sculpture


As we can see there will be three major parts to collect in order to build the Folk Art Sculpture. They are Cow Face Painted Jug (which you can post to your feed), Black Bolts and Black Metal Sheets (both can be asked directly from your friends).

We will need 10 pcs of each part to build the Folk Art Sculpture.

Black Bolts

Black Bolts


Black Metal Sheets

Black Metal Sheet


Cow Face Painted Jug

Cow Face Painted Jug

After collecting the parts we will need to recruit friends to build your Folk Art Cow Sculpture!

Folk Art Cow Sculpture


Now after completing the Folk Art Cow Sculpture, you will then need to make the Belittled Miniature Zebu Cow feel big and important on your farm. How you will going to do it? you will need to craft Heirloom Pointy Fence in order to make if comfortable.

Crafting Heirloom Pointy Fence will need Metal Sheet x1 and Heirloom Lumber x1. You can obtain Metal Sheets by crafting Horseshoes at the Workshop while the Heirloom Lumber is crafted from Heirloom Piece of Wood.

Once you completed all the requirements and tasks you will then have the chance to adopt the Belittled Miniature Zebu Cow.

Miniature Zebu Cow will give 2 Milk and 1 Cheese

Miniature Zebu Cow Miniature Zebu Cow


In case you received this feature and encountered some issues or bug, you may visit the official support page of Zynga which you can find HERE.


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