Farmville 2 Fortune Fields Expansion Cost and Recipes

Farmville 2 Fortune Fields will be the latest farm expansion that will be opened for higher level players. Along with the opening of this expansion is the raising of the current level cap of up to 260. It will also increase the maximum coins that your inventory can hold so that you can make more room to hold enough coins to purchase the new lot expansion.

Fortune Fields Expansion



Level 260


Here are the details for how much coin it will cost to purchase this expansions. They will be available for high level players at the moment.

Lot 1: Prosperous Plains

Cost to expand: 67,000,000 coins



Lot 2: Lucky Level

Cost to expand: 66,000,000 coins



Lot 3: Fluky Fields

Cost to expand: 65,000,000 coins



Lot 4: Providential Pasture

Cost to expand: 64,000,000 coins



Lot 5: Glorious Grassland

Cost to expand: 63,000,000 coins



Lot 6: Timely Tableland

Cost to expand: 62,000,000 coins



Lot 7: Charmed Champaign

Cost to expand: 61,000,000 coins



Lot 8: Promised Pasture

Cost to expand: 60,000,000 coins



Lot 9: Favoured Flatlands

Cost to expand: 59,000,000 coins




RECIPES that are associated with this expansion:


Chayote ChopsueyChayote SquashEgg

Chayote Chopsuey = Chayote Squash x12 + Egg x6


Chayote SoupChayote SquashBroth

Chayote Soup = Chayote Squash x8 + Broth x2


Seasoned ChayoteChayote SquashMilk

Seasoned Chayote = Chayote Squash x10 + Milk x8





Oro Blanco Green SmoothieOro Blanco GrapefruitMilk

Oro Blanco Green Smoothie = Oro Blanco Grapefruit x6 + Milk x24



Oro Blanco Fruit SaladOro Blanco GrapefruitStrawberry

Oro Blanco Fruit Salad = Oro Blanco Grapefruit x8 + Strawberry x10


Oro Blanco MarmaladeOro Blanco GrapefruitLemonade

Oro Blanco Marmalade = Oro Blanco Grapefruit x6 + Lemonade x2


Oro Blanco JuiceOro Blanco GrapefruitLemon Water

Oro Blanco Juice = Oro Blanco Grapefruit x8 + Lemon Water x4




Pecan PieLakota PecanPie Crust

Pecan Pie = Lakota Pecan x6 + Pie Crust x2


Pecan CookiesLakota PecanBatter

Pecan Cookies = Lakota Pecan x8 + Batter x4


Pecan BreadLakota PecanWheat

Pecan Bread = Lakota Pecan x8 + Wheat x16





Arrowroot CustardArrowrootCustard

Arrowroot Custard = Arrowroot x4 + Custard x2


Arrowroot BiscuitsArrowrootBatter

Arrowroot Biscuits = Arrowroot x10 + Batter x4


Arrowroot SauceArrowrootTomato

Arrowroot Sauce = Arrowroot x10 + Tomato x16


Arrowroot PieArrowrootPie Crust

Arrowroot Pie = Arrowroot x10 + Pie Crust x2




Marjoram StewMarjoramBroth

Marjoram Stew = Marjoram x10 + Broth x2


Marjoram Pesto MarjoramTomato

Marjoram Pesto = Marjoram x12 + Tomato x10


Marjoram Dressing MarjoramMilk

Marjoram Dressing = Marjoram x12 + Milk x6


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