Farmville 2 FREE Deluxe Shady Trough

A few days ago Farmville 2 players have started receiving a second FREE Deluxe Shady Trough in their inventory. Although it is unfinished you can already place the building from your inventory to your farm to add additional +10 to your farm animal population. The Deluxe Shady Trough will need to be upgraded in order to utilize it’s full additional capacity of 15 animals to your farm animal population. So check out your inventory if you hadn’t yet.


Farmville 2 Deluxe Shady Trough



Deluxe Shady Through

Check your inventory and look under the building section. Browse through it to find the Deluxe Shady Trough. Another way is to use the search function and just type “deluxe shady trough”.


Farmville 2 Deluxe Shady Trough

Place the Deluxe Shady Trough. You’ll need to upgrade it to get the additional +5 in your animal population.


Deluxe Shady Through

You will need to collect these parts to upgrade the Deluxe Shady Trough.


Deluxe Shady Trough

The population will reach to “60” once the Deluxe Shady Trough is finished.


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    • How to get Zynga support or ask for help:

      Go here but be very careful in the Q&A because sometimes there are someone pretending to be a Customer Support and will tell you to go to a certain website or want you to click a link “Don’t ever ever click it or follow the instruction”.

      Here is the right way to ask for support as far as we know and you must be currently logged in with your facebook account. Instruction are in this picture so that you can follow it easily. You can find it HERE.

      Step 1 is at the right side along with the menu list you can see the “Get Help” in “bold red colored font with a big question mark” you won’t missed it.

  2. j’ai vendu la deuxième auge suite à une fausse information. elle était déjà construite. pouvez-vous me la restituer, s’il vous plait? merci beaucoup.

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