Farmville 2 FREE Fuel x10 (Jan 29, 2015)

Farmville 2 has just given away FREE FUEL x10 to help out players dry their crops and the quest. Fuel is primarily used to operate the Crop Dyer or the Fertilizer plane. It is normally obtained by tending  the Fuel Pump. Be sure to check first if you have enough space in holding additional fuel.

To claim, simply click the FREE FUEL image. After claiming, please consider sharing this post with your friends.

FREE Fuel x10

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One thought on “Farmville 2 FREE Fuel x10 (Jan 29, 2015)

  1. i have had to delete the order board many times this week, for the reason they are giving me orders that acquire items that i dont have enough of like 5,000 raspberries, or 399 grean bean caseroles, i feel this isnt fair i play daily wish they would bring the order board items down so i may complete them in a timely order please help

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