Farmville 2 Free Gifts Sunday Giveaway (May 7, 2017)

Have fun with your friends and share these Farmville 2 Free Gifts. Find out what surprise you will get by opening these boxes and see what premium gift you can have for free. You’ll get items that you can use in upgrading your kitchen so that you can prepare and cook more advance recipes. There’s also items you can use for your workshop so that you can craft and make more diy projects. Share these gifts with your friends so that the joy will be spread plus get a chance to get gift certificates. These are for Sunday (May 7th).

To claim, simply click the FREE Gift image. After claiming, please consider sharing this with your friends.

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6 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Free Gifts Sunday Giveaway (May 7, 2017)

  1. Best Gifts! Thank you so much, it’s like
    Christmas on this site!

  2. With all the certificates we have it is hard to keep the animal population up. It would be very beneficial to increase the amount of bottle we can get. Most animals take 8 and the limit is 12. Does not even feed two animals.

  3. I just discovered this page….boy am I late ! LOL….thank you ever so much ! I love you !

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful gift’s..I’vr played this game for years and I really enjoy playing it.I have only 2 things to say my envelope opens whenever it wants and the request my neighbors and friends send I one to know why all extra gifts go cause it’s been going on for about a month. I have every time and talked to a lot of people and they get there’s. I know today I had at least 80 bottles and they where not there cause where it’s been a few days I had 306 and I helped 198 so why do I not get my bottles That’s not right to do to someone.It didn’t use to be like this. I would just like to know why??

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