Farmville 2 Free Monday Gifts (April 17, 2017)

Collect here the latest collection of Farmville 2 Free Gifts that was given today! get a chance to have premium items that you can use in your home farm. These gifts contains exclusive items that can be used to increase your kitchen production or upgrade it and make wonderful recipes. There’s also a chance to get random decoration and support items beside the water for today April 17th (Monday). Also included are gift certificates that will allow you to have time enabled features. Please share these to your friends so that they can also get.

To claim, simply click the FREE Gift image. After claiming, please consider sharing this with your friends.

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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Free Monday Gifts (April 17, 2017)

  1. thank you for the gifts, however, I believe there is glich with the bottles and some of the gifts. I have received the gift of 7 baby bottles or 3 baby bottles and do not receive them’

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