Farmville 2 Free UNLIMITED Water Day is back!

If what we are seeing will push through, Farmville 2 is preparing for the return of Farmville 2 Free Unlimited Water Day. Considered one of if not the top most favorite event in Farmville 2 may make it’s return. Players who is level 5 and higher may join the event and it will be like the previous one. There will be a page where you will register for the event. We have some early image collected about this feature and it may push through next month.

FREE Unlimited Water 2

Unlimited Water Day

Your well will be overflowing with unlimited water supply for 24 hours if Farmville 2 will release the second round of Unlimited Water day.

Unlimited Water Day

Unlimited Water Day


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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Free UNLIMITED Water Day is back!

  1. Please could you consider using your vast programming skills to start andend the event by country… the problem is when your in the UK and other parts of the world other than USA or Canada it becomes quite awkward because it starts and ends in the early hours of the morning and we lose out… also has anyone got the link to register for this event please

  2. They should have it on the weekend as the majority of the players are off from work. I loved the free water and if it stays as the date shown , then I will loose out on the water. I am a daily player and at a good level right now.

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