Farmville 2 Free Water Day (Sept 2, 2014)

It looks like we will having another Farmville 2 Free Water Day. Yes it will be scheduled on September 2, 2014 at around 12:01 am PDT. During this day your wells and water towers are overflowing and just like the previous one it can be harvested all day for water!

Update: It looks the date will be moved for the FREE Water Day but this time it will have great theme. There’s no specific date yet but it will raised funds for the We have here the latest image for the event.

So mark this date in your calendar and share this news with your friends. Share in our comment section on what crops are you planning to harvest during this day.


HERE is the latest image for the FREE Water Day.

FREE Water Day




Free Waterday

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38 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Free Water Day (Sept 2, 2014)

  1. Ook al moet ik werken, ga der s avonds wel van profiteren…

  2. I’ll plant bunches of the 1 & 2 minute crops, as well as craft items that require water.

    • I agree – a weekend day would be wonderful. I could settle for a weekday if it weren’t the first week of the month. These are ALWAYS the first week of the month – not possible for me to even take a vacation day.

  3. tutto quello che è da poco se posso tipo pomodoro mais etc….

  4. rape…..rapanelli………….mirtilli…………….mais………….pomodori…………..

  5. coltiverò mais,mirtilli,pomodori,more e rape!!

  6. benissimo…….le culture che coltiverò saranno quelle richieste nelle missioni della giornata….

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