Farmville 2 Fruity Meadows and Veggie Pastures Expansion

Soon a new expansion will be available for Farmville 2 players to expand to! The Farmville 2 Fruity Meadows and Veggie Pastures will be the two new expansion that players can expand to. A total of 12 lots can be availed once you complete all the three tasks in requires. A new level cap will also be implemented where lvl 400 will be the max level. The maximum coins will also be increased up to 142,000,000 coins can be hold. Check them out!

Veggie Pastures and Fruity Meadows


Maximum level will be raised to level 400!


Fruity Meadows Expansions:

Lot 1: Lush Fruit Grounds

Cost: 131,000,000 coins


Lot 2: Juicy Fruit Estate

Cost: 132,000,000  coins


Lot 3: Fruit And Nut Bay

Cost: 133,000,000 coins


Lot 4: Tutti Frutti Mound

Cost: 134,000,000 coins


Lot 5: Fruit Plucking Haven

Cost: 135,000,000 coins


Lot 6: Sweet Fruit Ridge

Cost: 136,000,000 coins


Lot 7: Leafy Estate

Cost: 137,000,000 coins



Veggie Pastures Expansions:

Lot 1: Seasonal Harvest Fold

Cost: 138,000,000 coins


Lot 2: Fresh Harvest Atoll

Cost: 139,000,000 coins


Lot 3: Succulent Veggie Valley

Cost: 140,000,000  coins


Lot 4: Tropical Veggie Trails

Cost: 141,000,000 coins


Lot 5: Bountiful Slopes

Cost: 142,000,000 coins

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  1. unable to expand to veggie pastures, am I missing something?

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