Farmville 2 Fuel Pump and the Pasture Preview

Farmville 2 will be releasing soon the Fuel Pump together with the opening of the expansion called Pasture. The pasture will be an expansion where players can placed there prized animals while the fuel pump will hold or store fuel everytime players tend the Pasture. The more animals that the Pasture hold the more Fuel Pump it will produce. There will be like an early access stage for this feature same like when they opened the water expansion players will need to purchase a “pass”. After the early access stage it will be finally officially release for general access. Here are some early pictures of the Fuel Pump and Pasture.


Farmville 2 Fuel Pump


Fuel Pump


Fuel Pump


Players will need the following materials to upgrade the Fuel Pump:

Rubber GlovesRubber Gloves

Yellow Metal PipesYellow Metal Pipes




Once you placed the Fuel Pump a cutscene will occur as Walter will noticed the new Pasture.

Fuel Pump


Initially the Pasture will offer that you’ll need to placed 15 Prized Animal so that you may upgrade your Fuel Pump.

Farmville 2 Pasture


Farmville 2 Pasture


Finally Walter will explain that the more animals you have in your Pasture the more Fuel get from the Fuel Pump.

Farmville 2 Pasture


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8 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Fuel Pump and the Pasture Preview

  1. I am missing the button that says ” all on board” where is it ?

  2. May not be a big deal for you Jimmy C but it is for some of us, especially wen we r on on a rigid income. I need more feul for the plane now but it wont fly cos I got no fuel.

    • you must have misunderstood me C. G., its so NOT a big deal to me. I’m on a “0” income right now -so the only farm bucks ive spend on the game are the 200 they were giving away last spring to get people to sign up for that new zynga/american express game card -that I never even activated. I was merely saying that is in fact NOT a big deal and or not worth paying REAL money just to get early when everyone will get it free a week later. if you ask me the plane doesnt really save time, because of the time it takes to line up the targeting area perfectly with the crops you wish to fertilize -I only use it now and then just cause its cool to watch -I use most all my fuel on the dehydrator getting free crops for feed without having to use any water

  3. mine is rigid too and it isnot fare that I should have to wate when others can get it now.

    • you can get buy early access to the pasture with farm Bucks -just like with the river expansion BIG DEAL no great advantage -just a little more fuel -everyone will get it for free on Wed of next week

  4. I got a notoce 2day rtelling me I had to pay, this iznt fair, Zyngas always discriminating against those of us on rigid imcome. do something for us 4 a changes.

    • its not discrimination -just their way of taking advantage and making money of those players that will resort to cheating or spending REAL money just to appear cooler then all their friends and neighbors. everyone will have it by the middle of next week -and for FREE! just be patient

  5. AWESOME!!!! the game just keeps getting better and better = )

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