Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quests

Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air

Hot Air Balloons are arriving in Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quests. Players will get a hand in building the tethering platform by gathering the materials either by asking friends or helping them. Upon completion there will be 5 rides to fulfill and everytime a players completed 1 ride it will give a unique reward. This Farmville 2 quest will have 8 missions and will run for 14 days.

Hot Air Baloon Platform

Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 1: Look! Up in the sky!


Place Hot Air Balloon Tethering Platform on your Farm

Harvest 25 Wheat to make some in-flight treats

Make 3 Apple Scones. I don’t know much about them, so you decide what kind.


30 XP, 300 Coins


Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 2: Directions


Collect 5 Maps of FarmVille for the balloon passengers!

Feed 4 Adult Sheep to gather nice soft wool.

Make 2 Felt Roll for the Hot Air Balloon passengers to sit on.


35 XP, 350 Coins



Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 3: Egg Me On


Harvest 25 Red Beet. Can’t make Pickled Red Beet Eggs without them.

Feed 6 Adult Chicken to get some eggs, obviously.

Make 2 Pickled Red Beet Eggs for the Hot Air Balloon passengers.


40 XP, 400 Coins


Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 4: I Spy


Collect 5 Spyglass for the B&B Balloonists!

Feed 6 Adult Rabbit to keep them from hopping in the way.

Make 1 Glass Good Luck Charm. I’m not superstitious, but it’s, um, traditional.


45 XP, 450 Coins


Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 5: What Goes Up


Tend your Furnace 2 times to see how hot air rises!

Feed 3 Adult Cow to get some wholesome milk.

Make 1 Blueberry Tart for extra delicious balloon-riding fare.


50 xp, 500 coins


Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 6: Yarn’t You Special


Harvest 20 Pumpkins. Big orange ones, please!

Tend 1 Spinning Wheel to gather all the yarn you can.

Make 1 Bouquet of Orange Yarn Flowers as a durable token of a lovely balloon ride!


70 xp, 650 coins


Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 7: Just Desserts


Collect 5 Flying Cap to keep the Balloonists’ heads warm!

Harvest 20 Strawberry to make the best dessert.

Make 2 Strawberry Ice Cream with those plump strawberries!


90 xp, 900 coins


Farmville 2 Full of Hot Air Quest 8: Head in the Clouds


Feed 6 Adult Sheep to get some warm and cozy Wool.

Harvest 24 Onions to make just the right thing.

Make 1 Zag Rug to solve this chilling problem.


120 XP, 1100 Coins



– Tending the Furnace twice in Farmville 2 can be easily done by following this steps. First, if you have a full Power (30) and your furnace is not yet tended, go to Kitchen or Workshop and craft 2 recipe. Second, after crafting two recipe your Power will be dropping to (28) then got to your Furnace and tend it (this will be your first). Third, after tending your Power will be back to (30) and your Furnace will have 8 more Power left. Fourth, repeat the first step and so on. There you just tended your Furnace twice or can even do thrice.

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  1. When does this event start? I’ve yet to see it, though I’m still losing progress at random. Most recently a few minutes ago.

  2. Looks like fun, but we still need a place to store all the horses. =(

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