Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quest

Zynga will be releasing the next Farmville 2 Quests this Tuesday as players will be working with Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quest. It will have 8 missions for players to complete in 14 days. Players will be adopting a wandering Buffalo and in order to raise it they will need to build the Buffalo gate.


Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 1: Don’t Buffalo Me!

I’ve seen all kinds of buffalo in my travels. I can help!

Have a Buffalo Gate on your farm
You better harvest about 15 Lemongrass
Make 1 Tom Yum Soup
20 XP, 400 Coins

Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 2: A Nickel For Your Thoughts

Let’s get a few coins and check them out. And something to put them in.

Get 5 Buffalo Nickels
Tend your Spinning Wheel 1 time to gather wool
Make 1 Wool Sock to hold all those nickels
20 XP, 400 Coins

Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 3: There’s the Rub

There are so few Buffalo left, we have to take care of them.

Harvest 3 Lemon Trees
Harvesting 20 Wheat will make the Buffalo feel at home
Let’s make 2 Strawberry Yogurt Pies
20 XP, 400 Coins

Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 4: Book ‘Em.

I bet Alice at the FarmVille Library can help us find Buffalo books!

Collect 5 Buffalo Books and get the facts
Help on Marie’s Farm 5 times to see her Buffalo herd
Tend your Goat Shelter 1 time
20 XP, 400 Coins

Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 5: Rumination!

Buffalo, sheep, and goats all have four stomachs! They’re “ruminants”.

Feed 3 Adult Sheep, to prove you love all ruminants equally!
Tend your Sheep Shack 1 time too
Make 1 Produce Tote
20 XP, 400 Coins

Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 6: Please Fence Me In

Marie must really trust you to ask for your help with her Buffalo.

Complete the Buffalo Gate for Marie
Harvest 8 Trees to keep your Farm growing!
Feed 4 Adult Rabbits
20 XP, 400 Coins

Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 7: Smell of Success!

Buffalo can’t see very well, but they have a great sense of smell!

Collect 5 bottles of Buffalo Musk
Tend that Hen House of yours 1 time
Feed 4 Adult Pigs
20 XP, 400 Coins

Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quests 8: Home on the Plain

Let’s make that Buffalo feel at home!

Feed 1 Adult American Buffalo
Harvesting 30 Wheat will make this farm feel like the Great Plains
Make 7 batches of Batter
20 XP, 400 Coins

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25 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Get Buffaloed! Quest

  1. I finished my gate and my baby buffalo disappeared. I did not find one in my inventory. They’ve supposedly given them out to those that lost one, but I didn’t get mine.

  2. been waiting patiently for my buffalo to show up, quest is almost over and i can’t complete it.what happens when quest is finished, will i ever get my buffalo. it is not in my inventory
    help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My buffalo gate also built itself without help from friends and I did not get a buffalo to finish the quest. What are we suppose to do? I did check storage it is not there.

  4. I never did get my buffalo. I bought one with FB to finish the quest. I hoped he would show back up, but didn’t. Can this be fixed?


    • Until now we’ve been following the update of Zynga regarding the Buffalo but sadly until now there is no clear statement that they actually fixed this issue.

      Also you may try to check your storage.

  5. I don’t have my buffalo either. What is up with that??????
    Come on guys. This is why I quit Cafe’ World.

  6. Guy’s as of now Zynga is aware of the current issues and bugs being experience by players with this quest and they said that they are doing there best to fixed the issue as soon as possible.

  7. I have a different problem. I can’t get the quests for this. I have the buffalo and I finished task 3 but No quests. I tried every thing from changing computers, browsers…….anyone with the same problem and any ideas?

  8. I have a problem with buffalo. The gate appears completly without the help of my friends and the buffalo just DISSAPEARED!!! I can’t find my buffalo anywhere and I can’t understand why this happen!!! please help me!!!!!

  9. Guy’s before you can have the Buffalo that was given at the start of the quest you must complete a three tasks. When you click the Buffalo it will show the tasks.

  10. I have done the quest in home on the range, i do not have a buffalo to feed to complete the last of the 8 quest, where is it

  11. I did not get any buffalo also! How thew hell am I going to feed it to finish the last of the 8 quest? Where is my buffalo that i work my ass of for?

  12. my quest says feed an adult buffalo..where do I find the buffalo at? I have none on my farm and none in inventory

  13. Thanks for the heads up guys! Yes, Zynga decided to change it to Strawberry Yogurt Pies because of the rarity of Polished Red Eggs.

  14. Not sure about for others but on my 3rd quest I had to make 2 strawberry yogurt pies not lemon.

  15. How on earth am I going to finish this quest…? I’ve never had an ultra rare egg, therefore I don’t have the black Polish Silver Laced chicken, therefore I don’t have red eggs, therefore I can’t make a Lemon Meringue Pie!! 🙁 I’m on level 29, and I’ve seen all my friends get at least two black chickens, some even three, even when they’re on level 15… I’ve done all the tricks there is to improve my chances, but still no blue egg. I’m getting sick of this s**t… 🙁

  16. Great info but one of the quest info is not correct. It does not ask for Lemon meringues Pie but for strawberry yogurt pies.. Three of them.. Thanks

  17. Quest 3 (there’s the rub) with harvesting 3 lemon trees, harvest 20 wheat, and make 2 lemon meringue pies wasn’t accurate for me.

    Instead of lemon meringue pies, it wanted me to make 2 strawberry yogurt pies.

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