Farmville 2 Gourmet Farm Preview

Farmville 2 Gourmet Farm is a new farm extension but different with our regular expansion because this will be a new farm. A new farm that you can travel to using a hot air balloon in your farm. We catch a glimpse of this farm and we are excited to share it with you here in this preview. Some additional features that we found is the Reputation Points and Credits system. Reputation Points or Level is similar to our usual regular xp while Credits can be used to purchase items at the General Store (The General Store is packed with new decorations to decorate your farm).


Gourmet Farm Preview



Travel to Farmville 2 Gourmet Farm back and forth in style with your own Hot Air Balloon (the balloon animation is cool!).

Gourmet Farm Balloon


Travel to Gourmet farm



Preview of a full view of your Farmville 2 Gourmet Farm.

Gourmet Farm

Gourmet Farm Full View


The Farmville 2 Bistro is where you can serve your visitors at the Gourmet Farm. The Bistro is a great place for you to earn more Credits as well as more Reputation Points (RP) to help you level up.

The Bistro


Here’s a breakdown on what your top panel will look like when you are at the Gourmet Farm. You will be earning Credits and Reputations Points. Credits are used to buy all kinds of cool Boosts to supercharge your home farm. Reputation Points or Level is required in expanding your farm.



Farming in Gourmet Farm

Initially you will have 28 plots available to farm.

Farming in Gourmet Farm


You don’t have to worry about water when farming in Gourmet Farm because you will use MULCH. You can get mulch in your farm by harvesting fertilized crops.






Your very first crafting building in Gourmet Farm will be the WINERY.



You will need to complete the very first mission the SMELL LIKE GREEN SPIRIT QUESTS in order to unlock the WINERY. Note that the crops mentioned are only available at the Gourmet Farm.

Smells Like Green Spirit



Once you complete the “Smell Like Green Spirit Quest” you can now start using the Winery.

Farmville 2 Winery


At first you can use only one barrel which means you can only craft 1 but there will be 2 additional barrel that you can build. You can use Speed Craft to finish it quickly.



That’s it for now for the Farmville 2 Gourmet Farm preview. Please don’t forget to share this post if you find this helpful.

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  2. I hate this. This is why I quit the original Farmville, too many farms. I want one.

  3. FV2 has run its coarse with many members. Why would you want to start a farm all over again. Your better off finding another app, to waste your time on. Start something other than farming.

  4. please don’t turn this great game into another farmville! i hated all of the farms and stopped playing years ago

  5. why ? it sounds so much like farmville the original where you end up with about 20 odd farms which is why i stopped playing it ,I hope there are no more plans for extensions like this as it slows down the game its running slow as it is

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