Farmville 2 Growth Study Table

Farmville 2 Growth Study Table is a soon to be released feature in the game this February. It will be placed in your farm and you need to build it with from parts from your friends. Once you have a completed Growth Study Table, you goal will be then to collect tokens from tending trees, harvesting fertilize crops and raising baby animals. The Growth Study Table will be available this Tuesday (February 13th).



Place the GROWTH STUDY TABLE in your farm


Here’s a look at the materials we¬† need to collect for the Growth Study Table.


Collect the following parts from your friends.

Pawprint Slabs


Hanging Lines


Large Ruler


When you have enough materials, you’ll need to ask your friends help to build the Growth Study Table.


After having enough help, you’ll finally have a completed Growth Study Table.



There will be 3 types of tokens.

Animal Token


Crop Token


Tree Token



Leafy Gate


Leafy Fence


Shattered Glass Pavers


Leafy Pond


Mottled Pekin Chicken


Here are some of the images that are associated with the GROWTH STUDY TABLE.

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