Farmville 2 Happy Halloween LE Items 2013 Soon!

Farmville 2 will soon be releasing these new sets of Halloween 2013 Theme items this month. Players will be celebrating Halloween with Batty Lamp Posts, Black Beauty Elderberry Trees, and Black Crowberries. These item is expected to be release Oct 14 and will only be available for a limited time!


Farmville 2 Halloween Limited Edition Items




Black Crowberry

Black Crowberry



Crowberry Gelatin

Crowberry Gelatin = Black Crowberry x8, Lemon Water x1

Elderberry Centerpiece

Elderberry Centerpiece = Black Beauty Elderberry x10, Wool Thread Spindle x1

Elderberry Vampire Yogurt

Elderberry Vampire Yogurt = Black Beauty Elderberry x10, Yogurt x8

Black Crowberry Candle

Black Crowberry Candle = Black Crowberry x12, Piece of Glass x5



Black Simmental Cow

Black Simmental Cow

Partridge Cochin Chicken

Partridge Cochin Chicken

Jacob Sheep

Jacob Sheep

LaMancha Goat

LaMancha Goat




Purple Mangosteen Tree
Purple Mangosteen Tree Purple Mangosteen

 Black Beauty Elderberry Tree
Black Beauty Elderberry Tree Black Beauty Elderberry Tree

 Ambrosia Pomegranate
Ambrosia Pomegranate Tree Ambrosia Pomegranate



Ghost Buoy Pumpkin Buoy Ghoul Buoy

Ghost Buoy, Pumpkin Buoy, Ghoul Buoy

Fresh Plot Marker Memorial Stone GardenGoyle

Fresh Plot Marker, Memorial Stone, GardenGoyle

Skeleton Crew Skeletons Dining Lawn Decoration Treasure Chest

Skeleton Crew, Skeletons Dining Lawn Decoration, Treasure Chest

Count Scrapula Bella Donna Effigy

Count Scrapula, Bella Donna Effigy

Dinning Table  Batty Lamp Post

Dining Table, Batty Lamp Post

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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Happy Halloween LE Items 2013 Soon!

  1. yeah we all dont like farm Buck -but it it wasn’t for farm bucks and all the other in-Game Currencies -alot of their game wouldn’t even exist because they wouldn’t be making money to hire all the best programmers and game designers in the business

  2. It would be really nice if we could buy these thing with coins and not farm bucks,Would like to have them, but as I have wrote to you before I cant afford to buy the farm bucks.

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