Farmville 2 Hatter’s Table Preview

Barbra needs a feathered hat for the Carnival and she will ask you if you could make one for her with Farmville 2 Hatter’s Table. But first you will need to build it and here you will find what will be the materials it will need. One of the main objective of having the Hatter’s Table is to collect enough feathers to be used for Barbra’s 3 feathered hats. The more SWAN you have in your farm the better chance of getting one.

Hatter's Tables

Once you enter the game (once the quest is activated) you’ll be given an unfinished Hatter’s Table and you’ll be asked to place it in your farm.

Unfinished Hatter's Table


After placing it, Barbra will arrive in your farm to announce this coming feature and will ask if you could make her a feathered hats.

Hatter's Table Introduction


After the cutscene you can now see the materials that you will need to build the Hatter’s Table.

Materials for the Hatter's Table


You will now need to collect the following materials:

Hatter's RibbonHatter’s Ribbon

Hatter's TableHatter’s Table

Hat StandsHat Stands


Now, after collecting the materials you will now then have the completed Farmville 2 Hatter’s Table.

Farmville 2 Hatter's Table

Farmville 2 Hatter’s Table


The idea of the Hatter’s Table feature is like the previous feature where you’ll need to have enough animals in this case a swan in order to collect feathers. The more swan you have in your farm the better chances of acquiring the rare one. Keep Sorting Black Feathers at your Hatter’s Table to find all of the Colorful Hat Feathers. Limited Edition Adult Swans give more Black Feathers!

There will be 3 types of Feathers to collect:

  • Ultra Fancy Hat FeatherUltra Fancy Hat Feather
  • Fancy Hat FeatherFancy Hat Feather
  • Plain Hat FeatherPlain Hat Feather


Once you completed all the the 3 feathered hats, you can now choose which reward to get:

  OR Mashua Crop Packets

Black Winged Peacock or Mashua Crop Packets

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  1. Have made four hats now and still cannot choose crop packet… Want the crop packet and no more birds what is wrong with this quest

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