Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests

Cornelius will be visiting his friends in Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests and so are we too! We will be also riding the Winter Carriage with Marie while doing this latest Farmville 2 quests. So get ready for holiday visits for we will be doing 5 of them with our Farmville 2 friends. The quest itself will have 8 stage and we listed here the information that there is to know about this release which is expected to go live Dec 24, Tuesday.


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests

Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 1: Packing It In


Place Luggage Cart Luggage Cart  on your Farm, so you’re ready for your own travels (skip Farm Bucks5)

Feed Adult Rabbit 2 Adult Rabbit, so they won’t get hungry while you’re away. (skip Farm Bucks6)

Harvest  10 delicious yellow Corn. I enjoy making holiday decorations out of popcorn. (skip Farm Bucks6)


30 xp, 300 coins


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 2: Playing Ketchup


Collect Grocery Crates 5 Grocery Crates for all the fresh produce and groceries in my store. (skip Farm Bucks10)

Harvest Tomatoes 16 ripe red Tomatoes and get them in out of the cold. (skip Farm Bucks8)

Make Tomato Pastes 2 Tomato Pastes for the Sunny Grocery shelf. (skip Farm Bucks3)


35 xp, 350 coins


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 3: Fantastic Fertilizer


Harvest any Apple Trees 4 Apple Trees to gather shiny red fruit! (skip Farm Bucks5)

Tend your Fertilizer Bin Fertilizer Bin 2 times; fertilizer is the best way to produce more crops! (skip Farm Bucks20)

Fertilize Georgia Collard 12 Georgia Collard to get twice as many crops while they are in season. (skip Farm Bucks6)


40 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 4: It’s in the Bag


Collect Grocery Bags 5 handy Grocery Bags for customers to carry their purchases. (skip Farm Bucks10)

Make Collard Green Quiche 1 Collard Green Quiche, to test the freshness of the produce. (skip Farm Bucks6)

Receive Fur 8 Fur by feeding your Adult Buffalo and Deer. (skip Farm Bucks7)


45 xp, 450 coins


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 5: Storing Up


Tend your Goat Shelter Goat Shelter 2 times to stock up on fresh cheese. (skip Farm Bucks20)

Harvest Lemon Tree 4 Lemon Tree or Heirloom Lemon Tree to stock up Sunny Grocery with Citrus. (skip Farm Bucks5)

Receive Wood 12 Wood from harvesting your Trees. (skip Farm Bucks8)


50 xp, 550 coins


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 6: Horse Cents


Tend your Horse Stable Horse Stable 2 times, because running out of Saddles would be tough. (skip Farm Bucks20)

Feed Adult Horse 4 Adult Horse so the store doesn’t run short of horseshoes. (skip Farm Bucks7)

Receive Wool 8 Wool from feeding Adult Sheep or Adult Rabbits. (skip Farm Bucks9)


70 xp, 650 coins


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 7: Doing it Write


Collect Grocery Tags 5 Grocery Tags, because Gus doesn’t have the prices memorized like I do. (skip Farm Bucks10)

Harvest Orange Trees 4 Orange Trees or Heirloom Orange Trees for the Sunny Grocery. (skip Farm Bucks5)

Harvest Wheat 20 Wheat. People always need Wheat to make flour. (skip Farm Bucks9)


90 xp, 900 coins


Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Quests 8: How Dairy You!


Tend your Cow Shed Cow Shed 2 times, so we have plenty of swiss cheese! (skip Farm Bucks20)

Feed Adult Cows 6 Adult Cows to stock up on wholesome milk! (skip Farm Bucks10)

Harvest Peach Trees 8 Peach Trees or Heirloom Peach Trees. (skip Farm Bucks9)


120 xp, 1100 coins


For this Holiday Stocking Quests we will:

be building the Luggage Cart.

be crafting recipe for each ride.

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