Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Station Guide

Help Marie finish her holiday stockings in Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Station by adding fur trim and earn a Baby White Icelandic Horse! This is the new feature that will be release next week as players will be collecting “Fur” in order to help Marie.

Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Station


There will be three types of fur that can be collected. In order to collect these furs we must harvest the following animals like Reindeer, Buffalo, or a Deer. But first we must build the Holiday Stocking Station.


To build the Holiday Stocking Station we need to place first the unfinished building in our farm.

Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Station


After placing we need to gather the following materials in order to build it:

Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Station


The materials are:

Wicker Stacks, Red Ribbon and Green Hooks



Now once we collected all the materials we can now ask our friends to build it. Once completed it will look like this:

Farmville 2 Holiday Stockings Station


We can now collect the following fur:

Cream Fur Trim, Silver Fur Trim and Gold Fur Trim

Fur Collection


We can collect these fur’s by tending Deer, Reindeer or Buffalo.



The Final Reward will be a Baby White Icelandic Horse:

Baby White Icelandic Horse

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  1. hope like with the duck watch platform – we dont need 8 of the animals to have the best odds on the gold fir tails. those Buffalo take up a LOT of room

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