Farmville 2 Horse Breeding is HERE!

Create unique horse breed as Farmville 2 is releasing the new Horse Breeding  feature. Get to know what this feature is all about and find out how to breed horse as we will show you a step by step guide on how to do it. We also have pictures so that it will give you an idea on the process of how to breed horses in Farmville 2.

Horse Breeding

Horse Breeding is HERE


Start Breeding now


Horse Breeding intro


Horse Breeding getting ready


Click the breeding barn

Click the Breeding Barn to start breeding.


Select two horses

Pick the first horse you want to breed. You can see the current pedigree of the horse represented by the star icon below it. The more shade the star has the higher the pedigree Pedigree the horse have.


Select two horse to breed

Pick the second horse you like to breed.


Breeding Barn pedigree selector

Now click the “Start” button to start breeding. It will cost 25 favor to start to breed (may vary depending on players level).


Improve pedigree

You can boost the pedigree of the breeding process by feeding the the horse parents.


Breeding barn

You can now see a preview of the pedigree result in the Pedigree Predictor.


Feed the horse to improve pedigree

Once you fed them enough, you can now click the “Finish” button.


New Bred baby

There you are you “new” bred baby horse. Congatulations!


grown up horse

You can name your baby horse once you turned it into adult by feeding baby bottles.

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