Farmville 2 Horseshoe Toss Booth Recipes

Get ready for the Farmville 2 Horseshoe Toss Booth with our guide for the recipes. As we reported earlier, we are going to have the Horseshoe Toss Booth building next week. Among the goals that we will be completing in this feature is crafting a series of new recipes that is exclusively available during this event. Here, we will give you an idea of what these recipes will need so that you can prepare them ahead.

Horseshoe Toss Booth Recipes


Horseshoe Tossing


Here’s a look of the recipes that we will be crafting in the HORSESHOE TOSS BOOTH:


Horseshoe Toss PosterPapyrusHorseshoe Stencil

Horseshoe Toss Poster = Papyrus x8 and Horseshoe Stencil x2


Horseshoe Toss BannerHorseshoe StencilFine Saddle

Horseshoe Toss Banner = Horseshoe Stencil x2 and Fine Saddle x4


Fig Horseshoe CookieFigHorseshoe Cookie Cutter

Fig Horseshoe Cookie = Fig x8 and Horseshoe Cookie Cutter x2


Lemon Horseshoe CookieLemonHorseshoe Cookie Cutter

Lemon Horseshoe Cookie = Lemon x8 and Horseshoe Cookie Cutter x2


Bronze HorseshoeHorse ShoeBronze Paint

Bronze Horseshoe = Horseshoe x10 and Bronze Paint x3


Brass Marking FlagFine WoolBrass Enamel

Brass Marking Flag = Fine Wool x10 and Brass Enamel x3


Bronze Marking FlagWoolBronze Paint

Bronze Marking Flag = Wool x8 and Bronze Paint x3


Brass HorseshoeHorse ShoeBrass Enamel

Brass Horseshoe = Horse Shoe x10 and Brass Enamel x3

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