Farmville 2 Horseshoe Toss Booth

Join Marie as we compete in a friendly game of horseshoe toss but first we are going to build a Farmville 2 Horseshoe Toss Booth. You and your friends will be building this new booth to start the event. Once you complete the Horseshoe Booth, there will be 5 set of 3 tasks that you will need to complete in order to start a horseshoe competition.

Horseshoe Toss Booth

A Horseshoe-in for the Win!


Place the Horseshoe Toss Booth in your farm to start….

Horseshoe Toss Booth Construction


To build the Horseshoe Toss Booth, you will need the following parts:

Build your Horseshoe Toss Booth


Collect enough parts to complete the Horseshoe Toss Booth:

Horseshoe Toss Trophy

Horseshoe Toss Trophies


Booth Awnings

Booth Awnings





Once you collected the parts, you will have a completed Horseshoe Toss Booth:

Horseshoe Toss Booth


Click the Horseshoe Toss Booth the start the feature, as we can see from the preview, we will need to complete 3 tasks to start a Horseshoe Tossing tournament. There will be a total of 5 set of tasks.

It's Horseshoe Tossing Time


After you completed all the tasks, you will then invite your friends for the tournament.

It's tossing time!


Final reward will be a:

Baby Brown Bradford Cow

Baby Brown Bradford Cow


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  1. Country Escape. without a cell phone which I do not own.I have been telling thrm the problem and they say they are working on it but for three months ??????????? If this new quest requires anything sdecial we will not get this either

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