Farmville 2 Hot Chocolate Bar

Build the Farmville 2 Hot Chocolate Bar this Tuesday and then invite your friends to come overand enjoy a cup of cocoa. The Hot Chocolate Bar is the newest feature that will be added in the game. The goal f this new feature is to make Hot Chocolate to collect or earn Cocoa Points. You can win fabulous rewards including the baby Porcelain Guineafowl. The Hot Chocolate Bar is expected to be rolled outĀ  on Tuesday (December 26th).



Place the Hot Chocolate Bar in your farm.



Here’s a look at the materials for the Hot Chocolate Bar.


Collect the following partsĀ  from your friends for the Hot Chocolate Bar.

Hot chocolate Mugs


Plaid Tablecloths


Tiered Stands



Once you collected all the parts, you can now ask your friends to help you build the Hot Chocolate Bar.


Here’s a look at a completed Hot Chocolate Stand.



Here’s a list of the recipes for the Hot Chocolate Stand.

  1. Mint to Be
  2. Give Me Smore
  3. Spiced Cocoa
  4. Burst of Berry
  5. Peachy Keen
  6. Choco Nutty
  7. Apple-y Ever After
  8. Cozy Hot Chocolate
  9. Citrus Edge
  10. Chocolate Meringue
  11. Cocoa Crisps
  12. Very Berry Chocolate



Materials for cooking at the Hot Chocolate Table.

  1. Emulsifying Mixer
  2. Smoothing Spatula
  3. Ceramic Lid
  4. Chocolate Whisk
  5. Wooden Handle
  6. Cocoa Scooper



Pretty Pinecone Arch


Winter Warmer Bench


Pinecone Picket Fence



Porcelain Guineafowl


Here’s some of the images that are associated with the Hot Chocolate Bar

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