Farmville 2 Ice Sculpture Coming Soon!

Prepare to unleashed your artistic side and sculpt the ice away in this and upcoming feature Farmville 2 Ice Sculpture. A new feature in Farmville 2 game that might be released in next week or so. We gathered some early and unreleased image of this new feature where we will have to build a Farmville 2 Ice Carving Table with the help of our friends and neighbors of course. And then once built we can collect materials to start crafting and curving masterpiece. Here are some more information in pictures about this unreleased feature:

Farmville 2 Ice Carving Table

Build the Ice Carving Table by collecting the following parts:

Ice Carving Table Materials

Ice Chisels, Ice Saw and Pair of Ice Tongs


Ice Carving Table

Once all the materials and help are collected. We can now finish building it and start curving masterpiece.


Ice Carving Table

There are a total of 5 rewards that can be receive.


Ice Carving Table Rewards

The final reward will be:

Blue Grey Cow

Blue Grey Cow


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