Farmville 2 Ice Skate Rental Stand Preview and Guide

Host an Ice Skating party in the soon to be release Farmville 2 Ice Skating Rental Stand and win exciting rewards. Complete all 5 parties to earn Ice Patches. This new Farmville 2 feature is expected to be release this week and there will be a total of 5 Ice Skates party that players can host.

Farmville 2 Ice Skate Rental Stand

You might be wandering what the reward Ice Patch is for, and from what we read it will be an interactive deco where you can click an Ice Patch to watch your character (farmer) learn to skate. We here in are assuming that this will be a hilarious clip just like the previous Reunion Camera feature or the Hot Air Ballon.

It will be something to look forward too and we are excited to on how our friends or neighbors in the game will be stumbling and fumbling to learn how to skate. We have here some of the images that we gathered to give you an idea of what this feature will be all about:


Marie will be visiting your farm to explain about the all new Ice Skating Rental Stand feature:


Place the Farmville 2 Ice Skate Rental Stand

Ice Skate Rental Stand


Collect the parts to build it:

Ice Skating Stand Materials


The Ice Skating Rental Stand Parts:

Hockey Tape

Hockey Tape

  • Ask friends for any spare Hockey Tape they might have so you can build an Ice Skate Rental Stand.


Cider Mugs

Cider Mugs

  • Ask friends to lends you some Cider Mugs so you can build an Ice Skate Rental Stand.


Skate Box

  • Ask friends to send you Skate Boxes so can rent Ice Skates at your Skating Stand!



A completed IceĀ  Skate Rental Stand


How it works:

  • Craft skates and snacks to invite friends to an Ice Skating Party!
  • Invite Friends to an ice skating party so you can get your own Ice Patches!
  • Craft skates and snacks so you can invite friends to ice skate on your farm!
  • Finish all 5 Ice Skating Parties to unlock another.

Ice Skating Rental Stand


Good luck! Guys! We hope we’ll see your characters learn how to Ice Skates!

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