Farmville 2 It’s the End of Year Sale! Feature

Save enough farm bucks for the the upcoming biggest sale of the year in Farmville 2 It’s the End of Year Sale. As the story goes Cornelius must clear inventory for the new year! Everything must go! so he will be slashing off the prices of some of the popular items and necessities in the General Store. Each day Cornelius will offer a set of items to be sold with discount and the offer will only be available for 24 hours.

Farmville 2 Year End Sale


Additional discount and sometimes bonus items will be given if you purchased the whole Farmville 2 item set of the day (all of the items that are being offered that day). Here are some of the items that will be offered. Please note that the prices we put in are the regular price and may be reduced once the feature is released.

Day 1:

Day 1 Item Sale


Day 2:

Day 2 Item Sale


Day 3:

Day 3 Item Sale


Day 4:

Day 4 Item Sale


Day 5:

Day 5 Item Sale


Day 6:

Day 6 Item Sale


Day 7:

Day 7 Item Sale


This Farmville 2 feature is currently unreleased and may still change. For the latest news and updates please visit this Page.

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  1. I’m guessing here that there is a error in Grammer up top and its suppose to read: “The PRICES we put in are the regular PRICES and may be reduced…” not Prizes

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