Farmville 2 Kids and new Sweetheart Job

Farmville 2 has just released and slowly rolling out the game update where you eventually have kids and a new sweetheart jobs. You can now start the training for your sweetheart and raising your kid. This 2 new feature is the latest update that was applied in game. It is in a slow roll out for the time being.

Meet Your Kids

You will have a new family member and you will have the option to choose which sex and the name.

Farmville 2 New feature


The baby will need a total of 5 baby bottles until kid.

Farmville 2 Baby Kids


Your kid will have it’s own farm story. Your kids can learn up to 9 jobs

Farmville  2 Kids


Your sweetheart will have new job to learn. They are Town Trips and Builder.

  • Town Trips is when your sweetheart will go to town and upon return bringing either any of the following ingredients like salt, sugar, pepper etc.
  • Builder your sweetie can find the parts you need to construct your buildings.

Sweetheart new job

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7 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Kids and new Sweetheart Job

  1. These quests are too demanding like everything needs horseshoes to complete the quests,i dont have any left and no speed food either.. i wish we could get a horse nursery so we could get more horseshoes or horses that are bought for COINS that gives more shoes so we can finish the quests when its so much things to do…

  2. I feel the same as no name above. How can i complete a task in 7 days when I no longer have access to energy? You change the rules and use up our resources. This is the reason I spend no cash on the game.
    Is there any way to get family removed? I can’t get the kid to do anything nor can I finish a quest. Quests are also using too many resources.
    Why don’t you just tell people pay to play these parts of the game, not everyone has an addictive personality. The company that does your research should have told you that. I have also noticed that many of your loyal players are disabled, meaning they are on a budget.

  3. Now Let’s see … I have expended consumables and other goods to gain 4 energies every 4 hours and then Zynga/Farmville 2 took them all away and left me with 1 energy use by the spouse per day (unless I want to purchase more energies – as in have me use farm bucks that cost real money to purchase the additional energies – farm buck expense that puts real dollars into Zynga/Farmville 2 pockets. Why in the world would I participate in “teaching a job” or anything else you have to offer by way of more family members or and anything else related to tasks done by the family members – spouse or child? It is not worth it. Feel free to kill off the kid and the spouse – I probably will then have to pay for the funerals – which will probably cost farm bucks to do. Zynga’s recurring switch and bait antics are very tiresome.

    • I totally agree with your comment. It’s very annoying of Zinga to keep changing the goal posts this way. Had I known before hand how little is achieved in return for all the tasks needed to train the sweetheart, I wouldn’t have bothered doing them. Would like to have the option of opting out of having the family and doing the jobs myself instead.

  4. When you are required to use kid to do a tree care job for the builder skill, you actually use your sweetie, because your kid can’t do tree care yet. I don’t think they’ve fixed that typo in the quest yet.

    • I have the same problem and it’s only 4 day to get the bonus…

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