Farmville 2 Lumberjack Camp

A new 4 week event is about to happen next week with he release of Farmville 2 Lumberjack Camp. We will be build this Lumberjack Camp to help a baby otter and in return there will be exclusive rewards to given away. You might be familiar with this feature for it will be running for 4 weeks and then each week there will be a series of task to be completed. We have here some early preview for you and in case you find this interesting or useful please share this news with your friends.

Lumberjack Camp

Lumberjack Camp

On this feature we ill going to build a Lumber Jack Camp in order help a baby giant otter.

Goal of this feature:

  • Help the Little Orphan Otter.
  • Clear the fallen pine tree and get a baby giant otter! (4 Weeks each week have a series of tasks)
  • Win a Peaceful Pine Patio set!
  • Complete bonus tasks to get baby bottles, sugar, and salt!


To build the Lumberjack Camp we will going to need the following parts:

Lumber Jack Parts

  1. Yellow Axe
  2. Blue Clipper
  3. Red Trimmer


Each week this feature will give exclusive items as a reward such as:

1. Peaceful Pine Patio Chair

Peaceful Pine Patio Chair


2. Peaceful Pine Patio Love Seat

Peaceful Pine Patio Love Seat


3. Peaceful Pine Patio Table

Peaceful Pine Patio Table


Giant Otter

Giant Otter


Beside this rewards, there’s also baby bottles, sugar, and salt to be given away when ever you finish the bonus tasks.

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4 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Lumberjack Camp

  1. It’s about time we got an animal for the river. You keep giving us animals for the farm but ignore the river and an Otter is GREAT.

  2. Hey zynga when are you going to sort the inbox issues out, I am running out of baby bottles cos I cant get from friends and I will have about 10 or more animals needing to recieve bottles by the end of today, also I cant take part in the ostrich racing and now the snow owl quest has begun today and next week there will be the lumberjack quest to, because of this issue a few weeks ago I missed out on the Canadian goose quest l, please fix this problem or at least allow us to collect more baby bottles from the daily activity wall. Ive played fv2 ever since it started first on facebook and after closing my account I transferred to zynga and more often than not playing directly on zynga we always seem to be forgotten and we always seem to be the last ones to get help and any free things that players on facebook get automatically. Sort this issue or I think it will be time to find another game to play.. im on zynga as jake clarke you have my email address so I would like to receive a response from you as to what you are doing about the issues and how long it will take you as I and my friends reported the problems to you 10 days ago

    • You do know this is not a Zynga site, just a fan site right? You cannot get help here for your Zynga issues….

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