Farmville 2 Magenta Grasslands and Cyan Highlands Expansions

Farmville 2 will be rolling out new farm expansion for its player.  It will open new lots called Magenta Grasslands and Cyan Highlands. These expansion will be available for higher level players. To avail these farm expansion, you will need to complete three tasks which includes crafting, you also need favors and coins. We already listed here how coins wiil it costs to expand to Magenta Grasslands and Cyan Highlands.



Magenta Grasslands


Ethereal Cape

Cost: 107,000,000 coins


Gardenia Coast

Cost: 106,000,000 coins


Cherry Flower Bigh

Cost: 105,000,000 coins


Cornflower Ridge

Cost: 104,000,000 coins


Azure Cliff

Cost: 103,000,000 coins


Magenta Grasslands




Cyan Highlands


Hilltop Eyre

Cost: 102,000,000 coins


Fisherman’s Bay

Cost: 101,000,000 coins


Crimson Fold

Cost: 100,000,000 coins


Carmine Marsh

Cost: 99,000,000 coins


Redwood Valley

Cost: 98,000,000 coins


Marsala Atoll

Cost: 97,000,000 coins


Cyan Highlands Expansion

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