Farmville 2 Mayoral Election Button Crates Preview

Marie may run for Mayor in Farmville 2 and with that in mind we will having a new feature called the Mayoral Election Button Crates. What it will do is it will track our progress on how many election buttons that we collected. The more election buttons that we have the more exclusive rewards we can get. The final reward will be a cool Baby Berkshire Pig. More info about this feature is shown below.

Mayoral Election Button Crates

Mayoral Election Button Crates


Place the Mayoral Election Button Crates in your farm and after placing it a cut scene will be triggered.

Place Mayoral Election Button Crates


Marie will be visiting your farm once again and inform you about this new feature the Mayoral Election Button Crates.

Maries Visit


After Marie’s introduction we may now see the lists of materials that we will need in order to build it.

Materials Lists


After collecting 10 Election Posters, 10 Duffel Bags and 10 Travel Stickers you can now clicked the “Start Building” button.

Complete Materials


Hire Builders by asking your friends or neighbors to finally complete the building process.

Hire Builders


After having enough help we have now a completed Mayoral Election Button Crates.

A completed Mayoral Election Button Crates


Click on the Mayoral Election Button Crates to see your progress. You goal here is to collect enough Election Button to exchange for exclusive rewards.

Collect Election Buttons


Final Reward is a Baby Berkshire Pig:

Baby Berkshire Pig

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Mayoral Election Button Crates Preview

  1. I have no idea what a mayoral election button crate is. The words don’t mean anything. Must be some American thing.

  2. i did not receive the quest or the election crate either

  3. The Election and the quest that came out on 7-1-14 I never got it my friends did but I did not please fix it!

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