Farmville 2 Meet Cornelius Quests

A grocer crashes in your farm as his truck broke down in Farmville 2 the Grocer Quest. This is a five mission task and there is also a grocer task where player have to do a list of tasks the grocer will give. Players can access this grocers task by clicking him. You can also view what his task is in the Market Stall. Click on the Market Stall and you will see his orders at the top of the first page, now you have to fulfill this orders to finish the task.

Farmville 2 Meet Cornelius Quest 1: Sweet Smell of Coins

Cornelius can be “influenced” to buy more crafted goods from you, if you take advantage of his appetite for profits and his sweet tooth!

Sell 500 coins-worth of goods
Harvest 15 English Roses
Craft 2 Rose Jellies
20 xp, 400 coins

Farmville 2 Meet Cornelius Quest 2: Corny’s Sweet Tooth

Bake some farm-fresh goods to keep Cornelius driving by your farm.

Ask for 5 Candy Trays
Harvest 3 Apple Trees
Craft 5 Apple Scones
20 xp, 400 coins

Farmville 2 Meet Cornelius Quest 3: Scoring Points with Corny

Make Cornelius a nice drink and then complete part of an order for him – he’ll be really excited!

Feed 10 Animals
Craft 6 Strawberry Lemonades
Complete 1 Grocer Task
20 xp, 400 coins

Farmville 2 Meet Cornelius Quest 4: Butter Him Up

Make some delicious cupcakes Cornelius can sell at his grocery store in his colors: Green and Yellow.

Collect 5 green and yellow cupcake wrappers
Harvest 5 Orange Trees
Craft 5 Orange Cupcakes
20 xp, 400 coins

Farmville 2 Meet Cornelius Quest 5: Flavors of Favors

Each time a farmer completes an order, I’ve seen Cornelius slip them extra Points for his secret decorations.

Harvest 40 Pumpkins
Craft 5 Pumpkin Pies
Complete 3 Grocer Tasks
20 xp, 400 coins

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Meet Cornelius Quests

  1. Ooops. That would be only able to complete one Swiss Cheese Roll during the quest.

  2. Well, I guess I messed up my current Grocers Quest.

    Sell 3 Fine Fleece
    Sell 44 Radishes
    Sell 6 Swiss Cheese Loafs.

    Well, I’ve done all the above but, I did the 6 Swiss Cheese Loafs just 1 or 2 days prior to this quest popping up for me. Now, my Prized Long Horned Cattle will only produce enough Swiss Cheese in a 24 hour period to be able to complete the quest as it takes them17 hours to be ready to be fed and produce more Swiss Cheese. Crap.

  3. Complete 1 Grocer Task:
    Click on your Market Stall to discover what items on the top row you have to complete.

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