Farmville 2 Merlot Lettuce and More!

Here’s a look at the new FARMVILLE 2 MERLOT LETTUCE, a new limited time crop which will be added in the game this January. You may plant, harvest and master this new crop up to blue ribbon. There’s also a new batch of animals and trees. Inclued on this batch are Elder Chinese Lychee Tree, Black Kune Kune Mini Pig, Belgian Hare, East Caucasian Tur and more! You can check these new items starting Monday January 21st.


Merlot Lettuce




Belgian Hare


Kasaragod Mini Cow


East Caucasian Tur


Black Kune Kune Mini Pig




White Fringe Tree


Mountain Hemlock Tree


Chinese Lychee Tree




  1. Merlot Lettuce Wraps
  2. Creamy Merlot Salad
  3. Chinese Lychee Sorbet
  4. Chinese Lychee Yogurt
  5. White Fringe Wreath
  6. White Fringe Bouquet

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