Farmville 2 Meteor Shard Recipes List

Prepare for the forthcoming Farmville 2 Meteor Shard with this guide for the recipes. There will be two kinds of recipes that we can craft where each one will have a corresponding equivalent of Meteor Shard points. We already have the information about these two recipes and we already posted it here including the items that will be required to make them.

Meteor Shard Recipes

Here are the two type of recipes that we can craft once the METEOR SHARD SHOWCASE is released. These two recipes will equal to a number of Meteor Shard points. Meteor Shard points are then can be exchange for exclusive items.


Two Shard SatchelWoolStitch Holder

Two Shard Satchel = Wool x6 and Stitch Holder x2

Two Shard SatchelTwo Shard Satchel – is equal to two Meteor Shards points.

Wool Wool – Harvest Adult Rabbits or Sheep to get more Wool.

Stitch HolderStitch Holder – Ask your friends for a Stitch Holder.




Three Shard SackRopeSynthetic Fibre

Three Shard Sack = Rope x4 and Synthetic Fibre x3


Three Shard SackThree Shard Sack – is equal to three Meteor Shards points.

Synthetic FibreSynthetic Fibres – help make a sturdy Shard Sack. You can ask your friends for Synthetic Fibres.

RopeRope – Harvest Adult Donkeys to get more Rope!



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