Farmville 2 My Family Farm New Resources

With the release of Farmville 2 My Family Farm along with it are three new jobs that players can choose. There will be a Pearl Diving, Foraging and Cave Exploration. Each of these jobs will give different resources that can be used for crafting of making new items. Pearl diving will give pearls, Foraging will give mushrooms and Cave exploration will give ores. We have here the lists of different types of these resources and the recipes that associated with it.

Farmville 2 mushroom ores and pearls

PEARLS = obtained through Pearl Diving Job

Three types of Pearl:

White PearlWhite Pearl

Peach PearlPeach Pearl

Lavender PearlLavender Pearl


Pearl Recipes:

Pearl Recipe


MUSHROOMS = obtained though Foraging Job

Three types of Mushrooms:

Portobello MushroomPortobello Mushroom

White MushroomWhite Mushroom

King Oyster MushroomKing Oyster Mushroom


Mushroom Recipes:

Mushroom Recipes


ORES = obtained through Cave Exploration Job

Three Types of Ores:

Copper Copper Ore

Silver OreSilver Ore

Gold OreGold Ore


Ore Recipes:

Ore Recipe

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