Farmville 2 My Family Farm Recipe Lists

We have gathered here the lists of Farmville 2 My Family Farm Recipes that will be released once the My Family Farm update is implemented. The main focus of the recipes are using the new ingredients and materials that can be obtained through jobs. Like for example, there will be 3 types of Pearl, Ores and Mushrooms that can be used to make new items. These can be crafted at the Kitchen or at the Workshop.

 My Family Farm Recipes


Animal Bedding = 2020 coins

Animal Bedding


Animal Toy = 2130 coins

Animal Toy


Black Pearl = 23030 coins

Black Pearl


Broccoli Stuffed Mushrooms = 14430 coins

Broccoli Stuffed Mushrooms


Copper Tub = 29600 coins

Copper Tub


Copper Mirror = 24620 coins

Copper Mirror


Corn Stuffed Mushrooms = 17130 coins

Corn Stuffed Mushrooms


Curry Comb = 1920 coins

Curry Comb


Feeding Bucket = 4060 coins

Feeding Bucket


Fettuccine with King Oyster Mushrooms = 19520

Fettuccine with King Oyster Mushrooms


Foraging Knife = 2360 coins

Foraging Knife


Gold and Silver Ring = 17080 coins

Gold and Silver Ring


Gold Chain = 43310 coins

Gold Chain


Jewelry String = 630 coins

Jewelry String


Ladder = 3740 coins



Lavender Pearl Necklace = 25220 coins

Lavender Pearl Necklace


Lavender Pearl Ring = 18910 coins

Lavender Pearl Ring


Mining Pick = 1900 coins

Mining Pick


Mushrooms with Gold Shavings = 13220 coins

Mushrooms with Gold Shavings


Ore Bucket = 2580 coins

Ore Bucket


Pasta with Mushrooms = 12240 coins

Pasta with Mushrooms


Peach Pearl Bouquet = 20940 coins

Peach Pearl Bouquet


Peach Pearl Drop Necklace = 11080 coins


Peach Pearl Hair Comb = 22340 coins

Peach Pearl Hair Comb


Peach Pearl Necklace = 23230 coins

Peach Pearl Necklace


Pearl Copper Necklace = 12170 coins

Pearl Copper Necklace


Pearl Display = 2370 coins

Pearl Display


Pearl Inserter = 1970 coins

Pearl Inserter


Pearl Lavender Headband = 28200 coins

Pearl Lavender Headband


Picking Bag = 2400 coins

Picking Bag


Pole Pruner = 1940 coins

Pole Pruner


Portobello Mushroom Burger = 12220 coins

Portobello Mushroom Burger


Portobello Mushroom Fries = 16250 coins

Portobello Mushroom Fries


Sauteed White Mushrooms = 10000 coins

Sauteed White Mushrooms


Sifter = 2720 coins



Silver and Copper Platter = 18220 coins

Silver and Copper Platter


Silver Tea Set =  37440 coins

Silver Tea Set


Soft Brush = 2230 coins

Soft Brush


Spade = 2820 coins



Tree Care Manual = 2350 coins

Tree Care Manual


Warming Blanket = 1880 coins

Warming Blanket


Watering Cans = 1530 coins

Watering Cans


White Pearl Bracelet = 14110 coins

White Pearl Bracelet


White Pearl Cream = 14050 coins

White Pearl Cream


White Pearl Handbag = 20790 coins

White Pearl Handbag


Wood Chipper = 2820 coins

Wood Chipper



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